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Jersey #2
There's someone who plays for the Lakers he's a lefty with a bright smile, I get mad when people say my team are fakers and Derek get's mad when refs call a bad foul. I've never seen him get so mad, so mad that he wants to fight, but if you push his button too hard, then maybe he just might. Down south people don't play and Akansas is where he's from so if you think that you can with Derek and get away with it, then I think your dumb. Don't holler out "What's up number 2!" if you see him in the mall, that's Derek Fisher of the back 2 back 2 back world Champion Lakers, 6'1, 200lbs. and all.
By La Keisha Fair
For The Love Of Fish
How can I express the words I want to say to you I have alot but I'll only say a few. Your hard work and dedication has brought you a long way keep up the good work it's a joy to watch you play you're always at your best and that's a guarantee I know it's definite when I hear Fisher for 3 much love and continued success Derek I think your the best.
By: Yasmin Boykin
Derek Fisher you're so fine your eyes, your smile they blow my mind your the best player the Lakers have forget Kobe forget Shaq it's all about Derek Fisher and that's a fact.
By: Patty and Fabi
~*~*Derek's Love*~*~
Looking for that someone he can give his time too, must be harder than we think. More people are just out for him because he's on the team to beat. I know he'll settle down and find the one. When the season ends and he's out to have fun. He plays real hard and deserves the best. That's why he should choose me... I'm better than the rest :-D
By: Penny
I am Derek Fisher, a scoring machine. I hear the audience roar as I score three more points. I see my team on the bench cheering me on.
I feel the roughness of the ball leave my fingers to the hoop. I taste the ice cold water in my dry, dry mouth. I smell popcorn being sold in the stands.I am Derek Fisher, like a cheetah down the court. I love playing basketball, I love it.
By: Eric

To My Little Fishy

Oh my little fishy how you ran and hopped when you hit that jumper with .4 on the clock the smiles that you showed were such a sight to see your eyes were full of diamonds and your heart was full of glee oh how you ran to the lockers before they could review your shot then you ran back to receive a kiss from shaq during the press conference you wore some cool shades and you talked about kobe giving praise. By: Zina

In "96" Derek Fisher started his career,
Derek was so into the game if he losing he would shed a tear.
He was more poplar back in the days then he is now,
so he faded, Fisher is still and always to me, underated.
No matter what number he was wearing 2 or 4,
they know to pass the ball to Derek for 3 more!
No matter jersey you have on Purple/yellow or orange/blue,
they always know assist the ball to you for an easy two.
After 8 seasons with L.A., he was signed by Golden State,
As a warrior now and no longer a Laker, now everyones trying to hate.
With L.A in "01", "02", "03", he won him a championship RANG,
Some say thats all she wrote for Fisher but the fat lady hasn't SANG!
Forget Kobe, forget Shaq,
Fisher was the star of the Lakers, and you know that.
People says he sucks, he can't play, he can't play defense, he can't do,
He has played for 2 teams and played with 5 Hall of Famers won 3 rings in 9 seasons, have you?
By: Corey Tugwell

I'm just a fan that runs this fansite about Derek Fisher. I don't know Derek Fisher!
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